Joe Girard

Joe Girard was successful because he knew how to build relationships.

Joe Girard – Known as the world’s greatest car salesman Joe Girard held the Guinness Book of World Record title for most cars sold.  How did he do it?   Joe understood the value of having a great network and staying in touch with people.

Every month he would send every single person who had ever bought a car from him a personal hand written card through the mail.  Why?  Because Joe realized that if someone bought a car from him once, they would buy a car from him again.  And when they thought of car buying, Joe wanted them to immediately think of him!  Joe understood the power of relationships and networking.

Now, full disclosure, Joe didn’t write all of those cards himself.  He eventually had two full time assistants handwriting, stuffing, stamping, and addressing the cards for him.  But the fact remains that he built a solid relationship with his network through consistent follow-up.

When was the last time you touched base with your network?

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Tom LaGalbo May 20, 2011 at 11:53 am

I love reading about stories like Joe Girard. I have a card system that Joe would of loved.
My business is called SendOutCard, my site is
This is a online service that gives you the ability to send out PHYSICAL CARDS, right from your computer. You have over 15,000 cards to pick from or you can customize your own card with your digital pictures or Logo. You can even add a gift or gift card to the card. When you click send, SendOutCards will print, stuff, put a real stamp on it and mail it for you all for about a buck a card. You can even have your own handwriting & signature in the card. You can also send one or hundreds at a time. This system is amazing. I give people free trial so they can experience this system. , Feel free to contact me for your free trial 414-750-1925.


"Dr. Jerry" Hrabosky November 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Tom…I have been using SOC for several years…and love it! I am glad to hear that you have been successful with it.
In His Name,
"Dr. Jerry"


@renaud_gagne January 12, 2013 at 10:04 am

I have also been using SendOutCards, I loved it so much that I naturally went to become a distributor. People wanted to sign anyway, with me or the person who showed it to me. It is a great value for all serious networkers.


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