Power Circles

How can power circles help you grow your business?

Power circles can be an incredible powerful opportunity for your business. What is a power circle? A power circle is when a group of individuals come together on a regular basis and work together to help improve one another’s business. Power circles can also include a networking group of people who join together to share their leads, databases, Rolodex’s and contacts.

If you are in business today you need to understand that the world is rapidly changing and that 2 (or more) heads are better than one.  Leveraging off of other people’s contacts, resources, ideas, and experience is essential to growing your business.  You can learn from other people’s mistakes and you can also learn from your power circle’s experiences.

If you are not in a power circle you can always start one.  What is the best way to start a power circle?

First, figure out the types of people you want to have in your group.  You need to spend some time on this so that you can be sure you are getting people who will be good partners in terms of sending you leads and referrals.  A lot of times it makes sense for individuals to be in different industries so you are not competing against another person in your group.

Additionally look for naturally occurring referral opportunities.  If you are a mortgage broker then a real estate agent is a wise person to utilize as someone in your power circle.  Ultimately, power circles will help you grow your business to become bigger and stronger.

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