What if you could get multiple referrals to the person or persons you needed to meet in the next five minutes?  What would that do for your ability to convert that person into a sale?  What if you did that every day for a month?  Do you think that would increase your business?

With One Degree Connected, LLC you can do just that.  Simply search for the person you need to meet either by last name, job title, or company name.  A list of people who know that person will come up within seconds.

Search For Business Connections

Choose which of your contacts you want to ask for a referral and then click on “Request an Introduction”.

Request a Referral

Once you request your introductions your contacts will automatically receive an email asking them to provide you with a referral to the person you would like to meet.  They simply click on the link in the email and are taken to their OneDegreeConnected.com Dashboard to fulfill your request with a couple clicks of a button. 

Your prospect will then receive professional introduction emails from each contact that approves your request for a referral.  At the same time you will also receive access to their contact information, allowing you to set up a point of contact.  This can all occur in less than 5 minutes.  If you are not already using OneDegreeConnected.com to grow your business you need to be.  Click here to start your free 15 day trial.

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Matt Wallpe June 30, 2011 at 9:31 am

This is a great blog Howard! Your One Degree Connected tool looks awesome. If I have time today, I will try the trial version.


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