Cold calling, networking, business lunches, meeting for coffee–all of these are viable ways to grow your business and meet new people. But they all are slow, take time, and could be more efficient.

Most people do not leverage the assets they already have in terms of customer lists, databases, and most importantly the relationships they have with other people. If you are looking to build your business one of the fastest (if not the fastest) ways is to leverage off the relationships you have with your business associates. How often do you ask them who they know? How often have you gone through each other’s database and said to each other, “This person would make a great introduction or a great client for my business?”

Many times you will be able to get a meeting with your target person because the credibility of the other person who is introducing you is helping you get that introduction.

Let’s stop right here and analyze this situation. If you received letters, phone calls, or emails from 2, 3, or 4 people that you all know and trust recommending and introducing you to someone you didn’t know would you be likely to meet that person? Of course you would! These are people in your circle of influence. You are leveraging off of your relationships with each other.

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